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Die deutsch-deutsche Währungsunion
Verlauf und geldpolitische Konsequenzen

Gawel, Erik: Die deutsch-deutsche Währungsunion. Verlauf und geldpolitische Konsequenzen (= Schriften zur monetären Ökonomie, Bd. 37), Baden-Baden: Nomos 1994, 367 S. Broschiert.
ISBN 978-3-7890-3535-7   EUR 45,--

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"Gawel has written a thorough description of the MESU and its consequences. The main lesson is that politicians should have listened better to the advice given by economists. Neglecting this has been very detrimental. Economists should have better taken into account that reality normally follows its own pattern of development, different from the ones described in textbooks. This book can be recommended to all students of this particular monetary union, but it is certainly also relevant for those who want to study the practice and consequences of similar unions or proposals for such unions [...]."

Kees van Paridon, in: De Economist. Netherlands Economic Review, Vol. 144 (1996), 2, pp. 342-343.